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4th Life is the Community building platform for GoshenCoin. It offers multiple rewards for participants for their loyalty, giving accessible cash flow.

There are 3 income streams for members of 4th Life:
1. Community Builders
2. Crypto Traders
3. GCC Holders
Registration into 4th Life requires a payment of $14, which qualifies you to earn.

4th Life Community Builders

Builders are those who are actively involved in growing the GoshenCoin Community. They are team builders who's goal is to help others profit and become financially free. A Builder earns a total of N2,700,000 everytime the 4 stages are completed.

4th Life Crypto Traders

Are members of 4th Life who are actively involved in trading GoshenCoin, bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies with our trading team. Traders can work part time or full, and have full control over their trading accounts. They receive training and support from other traders in 4th Life. A trader can earn an average of 25% RoR monthly.

4th Life GCC Holders

GoshenCoin Cash (GCC) Holders are traders who cannot be actively involved in crypto trading, and so adopt the Buy and Hold strategy. GCC Holders buy GoshenCoin Cash through 4th Life and store their coins there or in external wallet. They can sell at a future date when the value of their coins has appreciated to earn them profits. GCC is projected to appreciate at an average 10% monthly.

Product Knowledge

Goshencoin Tourism.

Our GT is a redeemable monetary tourist value worth $822 as a C.E.O. We have tourist centers likeā€¦Kajuro Castle, Erin Ijesha Water fall, Obudu Cattle Ranch, Ogunnike Cave, Kainji Lake.

Goshencoin Land Reward

Our GLR is a reward worth $1,644 for a plot of land for users as a C.E.O.

Our Reward System


  • You register with $14
  • You register 2 people on the platform.
  • You EARN $5.5 and automatically move to the next stage .


  • You require 14 people who have completed stage 1.
  • You EARN $27 Advocacy Reward.
  • You EARN a Land Deposit worth $14.
  • You EARN $10 worth of GCC.


  • You require 14 people who have completed stage 2.
  • You EARN $164 Advocacy Reward.
  • You EARN $100 worth of GCC.


  • You require 14 people who have completed stage 3.
  • You EARN $2,740 Advocacy Reward.
  • You GET $822 worth of GCC Gift Card.
  • You EARN $500 worth of GCC.
  • You GET Tour Vacation Reward $822.
  • You GET Land Reward worth $1644.

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Get access to cash, income flow for business funding, a loyalty reward for Goshencoin Debit Card users and for Crypto Currency Trading Platform around the world

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